How to Fix iPad Air Problems

There is very little to object about the iPad Air, as it is possibly the best tablet you can find on the market. However, as often happens with each new product is released, there are always little (or big) problems. Here we present the most common problems that are making Apple's new tablet and the possible solutions that could have. The problems cited here are those of the iPad Air, so if you have others, could be related to iOS 7.

Safari Error on iPad Air
Many people are having problems with shutdowns and crashes Safari on the iPad Air. The problem seems to occur more often when trying to add additional tabs or have to open several. Solution: Try to go to Settings - Safari and click on "Clear History" and "Clear Cookies and Data" If this does not work, try resetting the iPad Air following the procedure mentioned in the previous point.  If you followed these steps, Safari still does not work properly, make a backup of your iPad Air and then restore all content and settings via Settings - General - Reset - Erase All Content and Settings. Another possible solution would be to download another browser from the App Store, and Google Chrome.

Battery Problem on iPad Air
This is another common problem in almost all modern devices, but unlike many others, the iPad Air should perform quite well in this regard. If you notice that the battery runs out quickly and you're sure it's not due to use, you can try some of these solutions. Solutions: The first thing to do is to not leave any heavy application that consumes many resources open in the background. To do this, we double click the Home button and check that it is not. Reset our device could also help to improve the battery life. As discussed in DigitalTrends, if you have an iPad Air with data network connection and you're on low coverage area, try disabling your network to see if it is the cause of battery problems. Of course, restore our iPad could also be the solution.

The display has dark lines or yellow hue in one side
Some Air iPad owners have complained about some problems with the device's screen. Reports have mentioned several incidents dark vertical or horizontal lines, especially on the left edge of the screen if we subject vertically. There have been complaints about a noticeable difference in color between the two halves of the screen, with the left side which has a yellowish color. Solution: These problems appear to result from a problem with the production of some units, so that the only solution is to take it back to an Apple Store for remplacen us the model concerned.

Keyboard problems and delayed navigation on iPad Air
Some people have encountered problems when typing on the virtual keyboard of the iPad Air, because apparently, this would present a significant and annoying lag. This delay is also present when browsing or quit applications, especially when using multi-touch gesture. The problem seems to be caused by an incompatibility issue between iOS 7 and the new iPad Air, but there are some tricks you could implement to try to fix it.Solution: Problems with the animations can be reduced via Settings - General - Accessibility - Reduce Movement. We could also try disabling " Increase Contrast" to find the same route.

Other more aggressive solution would be heading to Settings - General - Reset and click on " Reset All Settings". For problems with the keyboard, we could try turning off " Documents and Data " via Settings - iCloud. Finally, we could also try to reset our iPad Air holding down the lock button and sliding the sidebar.

It connects to WiFi, this will slow or suffer constant signal loss
If you notice that your iPad Air does not connect to your WiFi network or constant suffering signal loss, you can implement the following tricks. Solution : Turn off both your router and your iPad Air, after 30 seconds, turning the radio on. If the problem persists, you can try to put the iPad Air in airplane mode and go to Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings.  Another slightly more complicated solution is to check the settings of your router and verify that it is updated to the latest firmware version. You may have to consult the router manufacturer for these details. You can also change the operating band on your router or channel. If none of this has worked, you can always restore the entire device, upon completion of the corresponding backup.

Do you have an iPad Air? Have you seen any of these problems ?
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