How to Disable Automatic Updates in iOS 7 on the iPad or iPad Mini

The automatic update of applications is one of the many new features included with iOS 7 and allows us to be checking constantly worrying about the App Store to be updated to the latest version all our applications.This feature is very useful for many users, since update and manage all our apps, thank especially if we have hundreds of them in our device. But like everything, it also has its downside and maybe in our case we agreed to continue performing this function manually. Here we show you how.

If we are users with a reduced data rate, although later we will see how this is easily remedied, we agree manually update our apps when we are on a WiFi network. In other cases, if we squeeze more battery life or just manually control the applications that we want to update, you should follow this tutorial.

To prevent automatic updating Apps must follow the following steps:
  1. Go to Settings - iTunes Store and App Store.
  2. In the "Automatic Downloads", disable the switch of the Applications.
This is it, following these simple two step deactivate automatic updates on our iPad or iPad Mini and we will have the traditional manual update. As mentioned, disable this function may have some positive benefits as help increase battery life, and why not, help accelerate iOS in July, especially those older devices where the operating system is less fluid.

Use automatic updates on WiFi - As mentioned at the beginning, if we have a reduced data rate, automatic updates can become a serious problem, because the weight of many applications sometimes exceeds the limit of the rate. Is there an alternative for all these cases ? Of course you do.

As noted in OS X Daily, we can choose the option to automatically update the system applications only when we are connected to a WiFi network. In this way we will make sure not spending rate data while the upgrade will be completed in much less time. To do this we return to go to Settings - iTunes Store and App Store, and uncheck the box that says "Use Mobile Data".
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